Who we are

Oncata is a community casting platform that provides all humans (and their pets!) an opportunity to make supplementary income by being featured in media content for brands, ad agencies, production companies, and photographers. We inspire change to media representation to be more authentic and diverse through community casting by challenging stereotypes, bias, or perfection beyond appearance.

Our mission

Since 2014, we have supported the community with supplementary income opportunities and paid out over $1M in talent fees. We noticed we need to improve the reach of this income opportunity to people from disadvantaged neighborhoods, immigrant communities, and people with disabilities especially during these trying times. We strive to bring more authenticity into media by elevating people in the community and their passions and eliminating celebrity culture by highlighting role models in the community around us.

Who is an Oncata Connector?

Do you have a large network of friend working your community? Do you live your life in a most authentic way, following your passion and true expression every day? If the answer is yes, you are an Oncata connector.

What does an Oncata Connector do?

Oncata connectors are inspired to share! They help share our our casting calls for income opportunities with their community through online outreach online and in-person.You can also connect with various groups, non-profits, and community centers. In addition, Oncata Connectors (when safe) will go on journeys to meet new people they connect with and share experiences, it’s fun really! We pay for you to go events, meet people, and share more about Oncata's income opportunities. You will have your own card to give out, profile page, and unique sign up link to share!

How much money I can make being an Oncata Connector?

We pay a flat fee of $100 for the initial outreach to your community of taking the first few steps of sharing Oncata through your email, your social media, etc. You will introduce Oncata, talk about what we do and offer, and encourage people to join our community and submit for casting calls. You will also earn $10 per every person who submits for a casting call or joins our community. They just have to mention your name when filling out the forms! When in-person activities resume you can make between $50-$1000 by just going to events, leading the events, help share experiences, or traveling!

How do I get started ?

Fill out the form below and we'll reach out with more info and opportunities!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.