Send us your content for a chance to get paid gigs in the future. 

Thanks to our platform development, we can help you right now to submit your content for supplementary income opportunities. Which means you - yes, YOU - are a creator of content that our clients can use in their ads. You can create user generated content right now, safely in your home, with your loved ones, and submit images, videos, or audio files for opportunities. You have the tools in your hand  - that smart phone, the camera on your tablet, and even the camera on your shelf. And most importantly, you have the creativity to do this from home!
We are putting together our first community content videos and gallery that we will market to our clients directly and on social media. Help us show how beautiful content from our community can be. Please follow directions below.

Step 1 - Look through your phone and select videos and/or photos of fun activities you and your loved ones have been doing safely at home. You can also record any new content you'd like to share with us!

Step 2 - Share with us about your experience during this difficult time. Share love, share pain and inspiration. Whatever comes to mind! *
*Optional step

Step 3 - Upload your content below. 

Here is an example of what community content videos might look like. 



  • ** A video submission is required. Please see below for instructions and uploading your video!
  • Must provide at least 1 recent photo (within the last week). 
  • Please be sure to take your photos and videos in good lighting. These shots don’t need to look professional, but your features need to be clearly visible. It’s difficult to determine things like skin tone and hair color when photos are dark or muted.
  • Send in unaltered photos.  No Photoshop or Instagram filters.
  • If you are represented by an agent or talent agency, please make sure they review your submission before you submit it to us and please note who in our form who you are working with. 
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.