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Oncata Artista

Resource, cash fund and a platform for all creators to help bring their work to the community. This music video opportunity comes from one of the first artists that our fund is supporting. 

Presenting Solana

Solana is a singer-songwriter and actress. Though originally from Uruguay, she is now based in Milwaukee, WI and Atlanta, GA. Her mission is to create spaces and eventually a platform where the "little people" feel safe and represented. 
Solana's new song Pa' Lante is about female empowerment and breaking stereotypes.   Pa' Lante will uplift anyone who has ever been stereotyped and labeled and bring them forward to be celebrated.

Oncata Artista fund helped produce a music video for the song and now we need your help to create a powerful message for the media. Oncata's first global initiative, this project is open to submissions from all over the world. Want to appear next to your brothers and sisters from across the globe?  Send us your version of Pa' Lante Dance and we will use it in the cut of the music video. Your video needs to be as authentic as possible so don't worry about using your phone or dancing in your kitchen. WE WANT TO SEE YOU AND CELEBRATE YOU AS YOU ARE.

  1. Watch the video below and practice the dance - CLICK HERE FOR MUSIC
  2. Record your version or Pa' Lante Dance - Have Fun
  3. Fill out the form below and attach your video. 
  4. Watch the results when the video premiers in March 2020 


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.