There are presently no open calls for submissions.


We are a community casting and user generated content platform where brands from all over the world can find authentic content, on-camera talent, inspiration, and real stories directly from YOU!

You can decide which opportunities you want to submit for and if your content is selected, you earn supplementary income! 

See below for how-to, tips, and all our open opportunities:


  • Step 1 - Please click open the listing and read the details! Each opportunity has different needs and options. 
  • Step 2 - Per the direction of the open call, either record any new videos, capture new photos, or record audio based on the call description, prompts, or direction. Or some opportunities may request older videos or photos that may not need to be new creations!
  • Step 3 - Fill out the submission form for that call and upload your content, that's it!


  • Who Can Submit: Anyone, age 18+, around the world! Any call for minors must be submitted by parent or guardian.
  • Pay: If your content is selected and approved, you will receive money! Each opportunity has different payment amounts listed in the call, so please read each listing carefully.


  • Please upload only unaltered photos, videos, or audio files. No filters will not be accepted. Filters may prevent us from selecting your clip unfortunately.
  • Please try to utilize good lighting whenever possible. Natural daylight from windows always works well but if you are recording video at night, please try to have lights on to help illuminate the scene as much as possible.
  • Please be aware of any “copyright” that might be in the scene you are recording and remove it. Examples include the following: Logos: These are especially prevalent on clothes, so please don’t wear shirts/hats with visible/readable logos or imagery; Posters/artwork/photos: If there are visible/readable items hanging on the wall or propped up in your scene, please take it down (unless it is your own originally created artwork/photo). This includes movie posters, art prints, etc…


  • You will need to create a free Submittable account in order to submit to these forms. Here is a quick guide on how to get started: https://submittable.help/submitters/making-new-submissions/how-do-i-submit
  • You can save a draft of your work if you would like to finish filling out the form at a later date. 
  • We will follow-up with you about your submission by email. Please be sure the email address you used to sign up for your Submittable Account is one that you check regularly. 
  • Please reach out to Submittable's Customer Support team with any technical questions at support@submittable.com